Eco Adventure Program

 A set of fun-filled, interactive, outdoor activities designed to foster team camaraderie, group cohesiveness and fair play and encourage a deeper appreciation for Mother Earth.

The tour lasts no more than two and a half hours and includes time for the participants to swim in our hot spring pool.

  • Low Rope Courses

    Forest Canopy Walk - A 10-foot high, 600 meter long bamboo walkway connecting trees along the FC Eco Camp property.Mohawk Walk - The goal is to move all members of the team from start to finish along a series of tautly strung cables between trees, using a combination of hand ropes and suspended 'vines' to maintain balance.
  • Team Games

    Several outdoor team games to choose from. List includes different relay games, obstacle courses, trust and team building activities. Age appropriate activities for pre-schoolers and primary grade schoolers can also be arranged.