Livestock Farm

We now grow our own pigs and chicken in FC Eco Camp. 

The meat of these livestock are harvested and used for the meals of our guests in the camp and in Forest Club Eco Resort.

Following the lead of our partners in Herb Republic, we strictly follow sustaiable integrated farming practices.

We make sure that our feeds are free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Unlike many farm factories that depend on these harmful agents to spur growth and fight disease.

Our animals are housed in large, open air enclosures where they can roam around freely. Unlike many farm factories where livestock are crammed into small, congested cages.

We use coco peat and used rice husks as flooring in our animal enclosures thus allowing the quick absorpotion of the animal waste. This allows us not only to cut down on the use of valuable water to clean the enclosures but also gives us a plentiful source of rich soil ammendment for the farm's gardens.