• Livestock Farm

    We now grow our own pigs and chicken in FC Eco Camp. The meat of these livestock are harvested and used for the meals of our guests in the camp and in Forest Club Eco Resort.Following the lead of our partners in Herb Republic, we strictly follow sustaiable integrated farming practices.We make sure that our feeds are free of growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • Pavilion

    We have an open-air pavilion that can accommodate up to 200 diners at a time.The pavilion was built with the tenets of sustainable architecture in mind. No tree was felled to construct the pavilion. Instead, huge branches were harvested from trees in the property, keeping the main trunks intact and the host trees alive. Local materials were used for the roofing.
  • Swimming Pools

    We have two kidney shaped pools surrounding the Pavilion. Water for the pools comes from a natural mineral hot spring.One pool is for swimming and has a maximum depth of four feet. The other pool is for wading and is only two feet deep.The Eco Adventure Program includes water games which are held in these two pools.
  • Mini Forest

    FC Eco Camp sits on a six hectare property that was once a pineapple plantation. Now it is a burgeoning mini forest with hundreds of indigenous forest tree species chosen by foresters from the College of Forestry of UP Los Banos.The trees are plentiful and provide the Camp with shade, a venue for some of the Eco Adventure activities as well as building materials for future developments.
  • Vegetable and Herb Gardens

    We grow our own vegetables and herbs for the kitchen needs of the Camp and Forest Club Eco Resort. We strive to serve our guests only fresh vegetables and herbs from our gardens.And these are grown organically, without the use of conventional pesticides,